Double stage crusher

[Product Product Brief]:  The double rotor hammer crusher is suitable for the crushing of cinder, slag, slag, shale, coal gangue, construction waste, construction waste and other materials in calcite, limestone and brick factory, and solves the problem of using vermiculite and cinder as brick plant additive and internal fuel; using vermiculite, page The problem of crushing high-humidity materials for standard bricks and hollow bricks in rock production.
[Feed size]: 0-400mm
[Production capacity]: 15-120t/h
[Scope of application]: Metallurgical, chemical, building materials, electric power, transportation and other industrial sectors.

Double stage crusher
Double stage crusher
Double stage crusher
Double stage crusher
Double stage crusher
Double stage crusher

Product Description

Our company has developed this new advanced double-stages hammer crusher, which is much suitable to be used in crushing the gangue, shale, coal cinder, etc. It is based on our long period of investigation, designing and trying. And the features as below:

Double rotors and double crushing,outlet grain size fine, no screen stencil, high wet materials no blockage, high alloy anti-wearing hammer, longer service life, hammer position shift technology triple the hammer service life. Hydraulic shell opening, easy operation and maintenance operation and maintenance.

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Working principle:

The motor drives the rotor that fixed on the main bearing to run quickly toward certain direction when the machine works. The materials are fallen into the throw-up disc and impacted by the high speed strips of the throw-up disc, and then strikes with the impact board under the effect of Centrifugal Force.
Because the impact board is bevel and the gravitation, the materials are threw to the taper crushing room and impacted by the high-rotating up hammerhead. After gaining sufficient energy, the materials are thrown to the impact board again and action repeats. The materials strike with each other in the crushing room and then are down to the column-shape rotor room. Then crushed, pressed, and ground and action repeats. In this way, the materials go through up, middle, and down rotor crushing rooms and crushed, pressed, and ground by the hammers and the impact boards, and finally the materials are gradually crushed into needed sizes and come out.

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The double stage hammer crusher is equivalent to two hammers broken into one, which is reasonably combined into a whole. Two sets of rotors are used in series and have the following characteristics:

  • 1Two rotors up and down crushing.
    The two sets of rotors connected in series make the materials crushed by the upper rotor immediately crushed again by the hammer head of the lower rotor rotating rapidly. The materials in the inner cavity collide with each other quickly and crush each other to achieve the effect of hammer powder and powder powder. Unload directly.
  • 2There is no grate bottom, high-humidity material, and it will never be blocked.
    The traditional grinder with grate sieve plate is not suitable for raw materials with a moisture content higher than 8%. When the raw material moisture content is higher than 10%, it is easy to cause serious blockage, so that the hammer head cannot rotate, the material cannot be discharged, or even burn A bad motor seriously affects production.
    The design of this machine has no grate bottom, no strict requirements for the moisture content of the material, and there is no problem of blocking the sieve plate, and there is no problem that the fine powder cannot be discharged in time, repeated crushing, so the crushing efficiency is high, and there is no hammer head. Invalid wear phenomenon.
  • 3Wear-resistant combined hammer head.
    High alloy wear-resistant hammer head. The hammer head and hammer handle are used in combination, only the hammer head is changed, not the hammer handle.
  • 4Unique shift gap adjustment technology.
    No repair is needed after the hammer head is worn, and the mobile position can be used repeatedly. One pair of hammer heads can be used with three pairs of hammer heads.
  • 5Hydraulic manual start casing.
    Only one person can easily open and close, which is not only light, fast, safe and reliable, but also easy to maintain.
    Henan Warwick Machinery, a professional manufacturer of two-stage crusher, two-stage crusher is equivalent to two hammers broken into one, reasonable combination into a whole, two sets of rotors used in series. The two sets of rotors connected in series make the material crushed by the upper rotor be crushed again by the hammer head of the lower rotor which rotates rapidly.


Hammer head
The weight of the hammer head can be customized according to thecustomer's requirements. The hammer head is made of new high-quality multi-element high chromium manganese steel composite casting, and its service life is several times that of the general hammer head.
The material of the spindle is made of high quality alloy steel, which is processed by ultrasonic inspection for quenching and tempering.High strength steel carburizing heat treatment was used to improve the wear resistance of hammer disc and hammer hole.
Lining plate and strike plate
In order to prevent the abrasion of the frame, the inner wall of the frame is made of manganese steel. The striking plate is made of high-strength steel and quenched and strengthened. The superior abrasion resistance and impact resistance of the lining and striking plate are guaranteed.
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Technical Parameters


SCP 600×400

SCP 600x600


SCP 900×800

SCP 1000x800

Feeding Size ( mm )






Outlet Size
( mm )

(<2mm above 90%)

(<2mm above 80%)

(<2mm above 80%)

≤ 3
(<2mm above 80%)

(<2mm above 80%)

( t/h )






Motor Power ( kw )






( L× W ×H )
( mm )







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